"Standart" system

Aristo sliding system – is an elite system of sliding and swinging doors . The manufacturing technology of Aristo aluminum profile and swinging systems is one of the most advanced in the world.

Primary aluminum alloy is used to make Aristo aluminum profile. The profile is made with the extrusion technique; special molding tools are used.

Aristo sliding-door wardrobe doors are made with thick-section aluminum profiles and can be up to 1500 mm thick and 3200 mm high. The maximum weight of the door is 100 kg.

The bottom caster wheels are made with metal bearings; they don’t require greasing while ensuring silent and smooth door sliding. The top caster wheels are made of high-endurance plastic. Aristo bottom caster wheels are very reliable and durable; they are considered to be among the best of their kind. The maximum bearable weight for a bottom caster wheel is 50 kg. The swinging door mechanisms and tracks can endure up to 110000 opening-closing cycles which is about 30 years at the rate of 10 daily (according to the factory tests).

AThe system allows to make also swing doors based on standard rails and swing mechanism.